i found them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found my glorious beautiful red pants that i have been dreaming of and scouting for… for months! at least since last november, when i put them on a wish list.


believe me when i say this was not planned. i was just browsing in marshalls because i had a hot coffee and some time on my hands when i found these for less than $20 (aka- my price range). even when i’ve found them in my price range, they usually look pretty awful on me. if i thought it was likely that these would end up being my 30th item, then i wouldn’t have picked my rust colored cords, because two red/orange toned bottoms? a leeeetle unnecessary.


10/30 <– hey, 1/3 of the way! whoa!

old navy black wool scarf gap thrifted blazer forever 21 grey blouse jake’s belt marshall’s RED PANTS, Y’ALL! galleria grey wingtips


so… jake was taking these pictures after work, and singing ‘i’m ‘a die by werewolf’ and we got silly… plus, i’ve been enjoying gifs, so:

frolic zombie?

yeah, you’re welcome. here’s ‘i’m ‘a die by werewolf’:

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