pyramid city by driftless pony club, a band i love. they just had their cd release party for the most recent album, Magnicifent, last night and it was great fun. just press play and enjoy the song while you’re browsing the rest of my faves!

i saw this image and got the urge to CAST ON IMMEDIATELY, STAT, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING NOT KNITTING THIS? so perhaps i will. perhaps, perhaps. it’s the miriam cardigan by carrie bostick hoge, by the way.

one sheepish girl is meredith, a lovely texan with a penchant for vintage and knitting, baking and embroidery. i’ve been following her blog since she finished her fawn-cho and i like it a lot!

how lovely are these astrology necklaces of all of the constellations from uncommon goods? so good! i’m a pisces. what are you?

adventure time season one is finally out on dvd, so all of our cable-having friends who tell us about it can finally show us what they like about it. we found this scene hilarious, and jake and i have taken to saying ‘you think i want to make out with you?! well… maybe i do…’ to each other.