forever21 mustard sweater j crew belt h & m thrifted skirt bertie’s thrifted boots

if i may offer you a piece of advice: on the occasion when you desire to take pictures of an outfit… don’t do it right after a big meal. also, i’m not sure this skirt is around for the long haul. even though i’ve owned it for several years, i can count on one hand the number of times i’ve worn it. i tossed it in the remix as one of my stretch pieces, and i think post-remix it’s time to admit defeat. summery h & m skirt: we gave it a shot, but we just don’t suit.

i forgot about my shout out to the other laaaaadies for the last couple o’ days (sorry girls!), so go catch up with them: rebecca, ness, and tara!

i went thrifting the other day, and as a matter of course, i checked out the ‘crafts’ section, which usually consists of maybe 2 skeins of primary colored acrylic yarn. but! guess what i found:

old school manos del uruguay

a skein of really old school manos del uruguay! i have no idea when it’s from (though the copyright says 1977), but i think it’s pretty cool (as well as being grey, which is pretty much golden in my book).

in other knitting news:


i cast on for the stockholm scarf! i’ve been meaning to make it for.ev.er. i don’t know what’s been holding me back. some of the time it’s because i’ve been working on something else, and some of the time it’s because i couldn’t make yarn decisions. this was one of about 4 options. but this particular yarn (which i overdyed back in the day), i have really never had any other ideas for. i’m not 100% sure how i feel about how it’s knitting up. my problem is that i might love yarn with lots o’ colors in the skein, but i am super-dooper picky about how they knit up. what do you think of it?