sit back, get comfortable, i’m gonna tell you a little story.


once upon a time there was a knitter who bought a bunch of gorgeous yarn. she made it into a gorgeous sweater and hat, over which i swoooooned. that yarn! soooooo pretty! so when she posted another FO and casually mentioned that this gorgeous yarn was never-ending, i saw my opportunity and leapt in with a selfish suggestion that we do a swap, and she would have the opportunity to use up every inch of that yarn on ME if she wanted! i know, i’m just the soul of generosity, yeah? but i do love me a good swap!

well, she accepted the challenge to a knitterly swap, so i went venturing forth to look for inspiration for what to knit for her, and lo! i found a fair isle hat in her queue, and what’s this? aren’t fair isle hats just one of my favorite ever things to knit? why yes, yes they are! so then i went diving into my stash of fingering weight yarns. turns out i like blues, greens, purples, and greys! who would have guessed? so i swatched up a couple of color ideas:


the blues and greens were good, but as soon as i saw the purples & greys together, it seemed obvious to me that they were the winner. after my first swatch, i realized i got confused about the color relationships, so i had to reknit those swatches to what they were originally meant to be. and then i carried that swatch around with me everywhere i went and asked anyone i encountered their opinions, because i liked them both. the more graphic one (the lower one with the black outlining) got more votes, and i actually cast on for the hat intending for the to be the color sequence.

but after i thought about it for a little while (while knitting 1 x 1 ribbing on tiny needles), the more graduated color sequence (the top one) just felt more like ness to me.

FO: Kiss with a Fist

one of the things i like about swaps is that you are knitting for another knitter. when i am knitting for a knitter, i really cannot be lazy about it. i don’t cut corners that i might otherwise. when the instructions asked for a tubular cast-on, i didn’t think petulantly about my previous failed tubular cast-ons and decide that my favorite cable cast-on would be just fine. instead i mulled over my previous attempts at a tubular cast-on and did some research until i found a method that sounded like it would suit me (this one from knitty, for the record). and you know what? it suited me just fine! new knitting skill acquired, thanks to a knitterly swap!

FO: Kiss with a Fist

FO: kiss with a fist <– ravelry project page

pattern: the seasons hat by jared flood
yarns: sadnes garn lanett (the primary grey, purchased from the fold several years ago and used in several projects)
nature’s palette fingering in orchid (purchased in spokane, wa when visiting my dad)
colinette jitterbug in velvet plum (still one of my favorite purples, even five years after buying it on my first trip to what is now my favorite LYS!)
elitespun fingering in charcoal (purchased in toronto on my yarn store tour with julie, and first used in these mittens)
i have no idea what the black yarn is, but it definitely leans a little more towards sport than fingering. that’s okay!
needles: US sizes 1 (2.25mm), 2 (2.5mm) and 4 (3.5mm)

FO: Kiss with a Fist

the project, by the way, is named after the florence + the machine song, because ness has a habit of naming her FO’s from song lyrics, so i thought it only appropriate to name a knit for her with song lyrics. and the colors are a little bruise-y. in the prettiest possible way.

FO: Kiss with a Fist

coming soon: swap! part two! the swappiest!