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a year of us in pictures of us:

grabbing a slice of my very favorite cake

goofing around on thanksgiving

DSC_3034 2
prepping for the holidays

first night at disney

epcot, obvo

harry potter!

fuzzy us

door county


a grand night out

today is the our third anniversary!

the last three years have been fantastic, and i’m looking forward to so so so so many years to come.


i’ve found my red pants, and i think i’ve found my tweedy blazer! but wishlists aren’t finite things, there’s always a couple of things floating around on my wishlist. so here’s what i’ve been looking for recently when i’m perusing the shops:

* penny loafers:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

image from the other emily (i wish she’d start blogging again, i love her style).

* a red plaid flannel, vaguely christmas-y looking preferred:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

this image found via tomboy style. i see plenty of these in oversized mens sizes at thrift stores, but they are way too big on me. my eyes are peeled for one that will fit me a little better.

* a pretty copy of the little princess:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

the version i found on pinterest claims to be from the albatross, a tumblr i am kind of obsessed with, but i couldn’t find it there, and i think this flickr picture might be the original source.

my paperback copy of the little princess is falling apart, and for some reason it is harder to find the little princess than it is to find a secret garden. i certainly don’t need a copy this old or beautiful, but something other than the bland paperbacks that seem to be the only thing available. i really enjoy good book design. or at least a pretty cover.

what are you guys on the lookout for right now?

thrifty thursday: dark heart

thrifty thursday: dark heart

the name of this post was inspired by my little black heart earrings, which got this song stuck in my head:

thrifty thursday: dark heart

thrifty thursday: dark heart

thrifty thursday: dark heart

loft thrifted sweater delia’s thrifted jeans ???? thrifted bag target little boys boat shoes isette little black heart earrings

i’ve done thrifty thursdays before, but i thought i might approach it a little differently. as opposed to just showing you what i bought, i thought i might try to wear outfits that are as thrifted as possible! (unless it’s housewares… those are harder to wear.)

i found this bag this week, and i love it! i’ve been looking for a larger cross body purse for traveling, and i saw this at a thrift store for $3. three dollars! can you even stand it? so i took it home and cleaned it up with some leather wipes and oil! it’s so classic looking! i’m finding myself more and more drawn to classic or preppy or french aesthetics, which actually weirds me out a little… it’s so far from what i used to identify with. does that ever happen to you?

this sweaters sparkly shoulders are what sold me. they make me feel just a little bit rock n’ roll…

FO: Stockholm Cowl

i finished this cowl… a little while ago now. sometimes i am a bad blogger, what can i say?

but let me tell you a story! it starts with this yarn, four(ish) skeins of which were gifted to me several years ago:

this colorway? not so much for me. but, oh, if you could feel this yarn! (it’s 70% angora, 25% merino, and 5% nylon) you would understand why i couldn’t give it away. so it stayed, languishing in my stash, uninspiring to look at but so so divinely soft…

and then last autumn, i was overdying a pair of jeans (still need to do round two with those!) and i stuck this yarn in, because a dunk to darken it up & mute the colors a little definitely couldn’t hurt it in my estimation!


and then it only took me practically a year to start knitting up the intended project! for an eliza timeline, that actually isn’t too bad…

FO: Stockholm Cowl

stockholm cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: stockholm cowl by knitted bliss
yarn: louisa harding kimono, a little over 4 skeins, 500+ yards
needles: US Size 9

FO: Stockholm Cowl

i knit this up pretty verbatim to the pattern. i followed the notes to knit it up seamless and in the round. this pattern is fantastic! it is the perfect mix of easy to memorize and interesting to knit.

FO: Stockholm Cowl

and then, of course, there was the drama of tearing a hole in it while it was blocking. but it’s all fixed and done now! huzzah!

early autumn

early autumn

early autumn

early autumn

handmade cowl! (blog post, ravelry page) target cardigan, tee shirt, ballet flats j. crew green tank, corduroys gifted purse

return of the double watches! just checking to make sure the black banded one is keeping proper time (it is!), cuz it was acting wonky for a bit. the nail polish is the one ness sent me! yay! i am very slowly getting better at painting my own nails. i would call this my first legitimately successful attempt! i really like the color. the day i painted them i would stop to admire them frequently throughout the day. ah, the little things.

can you believe that sky behind me? yeah, it started raining not too long after the pics were taken.

oh, friends! can you believe that this day has finally arrived? i hardly can! i finished knitting this hat two years ago. i drafted up the pattern, and wrestled with making a colorwork chart, got it almost completely figured out in adobe illustrator, then had to admit defeat and move to microsoft word, which kind of took the wind out of my sails. but i finally picked it up again, forced other people to look at it SO MANY TIMES, and made the appropriate fixes (thanks, ladies).

but now it’s here! in full pdf glory! available for download! click on the collage above or this here linky and hey, just for giggles, there’s another link at the end of this post! take your pick! it’s free!

(from when it was freshly finished, way way way back in the day)

this hat is knit from the brim up, with a rolled stockinette edge and a seasonally appropriate colorwork body! the pattern is fairly easy, but you should be comfortable with stranded colorwork. the floats are never longer than 7 stitches (and that’s just once!). i do recommend the cable cast-on, just because it’s my favorite. it’s strong and flexible and attractive, you don’t need a long tail, which i always seem to miscalculate for. knitty has a tutorial (scroll about halfway down to where it says ‘cable cast-on’!), if you like, though i have been pondering doing my very own tutorial, since i talk about the cable cast-on so very much…

i used a sport-weight yarn (though i’m willing to bet with a little extra work, heavy fingering or dk could easily be substituted, or even more extreme modifications could be made by adding or subtracting repeats), around 150 yards of the main color (cream), 75ish yards of the contrast color (green), US size 4 (3.5mm) circular needles for the brim, and US size 6 (4mm) circular needles for the colorwork/body.

those are the details, and here is the link: download now

now i think i might throw a party in celebration!

in a couple of weeks (!!!!) jake and i are going a-journeying! i am super excited, and i’ve been making lists. lists of things to do, lists of things to pack, lists of things to accomplish before going, lists of books to bring with, and…. (drumroll) …. lists of knitting to bring with!

i haven’t been doing as much ‘choose your own adventure’ knitting recently, which i’ve missed, so i thought maybe i’d bring it back while prepping for the trip! get some input from you, my beloved readers, about what i should bring along to knit. i’ve thought this through a bit already, and i want one larger project, for planes & trains, for evenings in. so this post is focused on the one large project to bring with me, and i’ll do a separate post for more portable, throw-it-in-my-purse-whilst-touristing-about project.

now that i’ve practically written an essay in introduction, let’s move on to the projects at hand, shall we?

option the first:

the aidez cardigan. i love almost every version i see of this, it looks extremely wearable.

the yarn in question:

two skeins of cascade yarns eco + in a dark purple that i’ve had for three years.

pros: bulky yarn, therefore a fairly quick knit. i might be able to finish this over the course of this trip.

not really a pro or a con, just something to think about: this is a cable-heavy knit. while i can and will do cabling without a third needle, it isn’t my preferred method.

option the second:

the miriam cardigan

the yarn in question:

900 yds of cormo sport, hand-dyed, purchased at a craft fair in door county.

pros: thinner yarn means that this would take up less space.

possible con: i have less yarn than the pattern calls for, which means i’ll have to modify it in some way. perhaps i will make the garter edges thinner, as i presume they are the main culprit of yarn-eating. halving the garter should leave me some yardage to maximize the length with stockinette. or i could do something along these lines, but i don’t have a suitable contrast yarn currently in stash.

option the third:

the broadcast sweater.

yeah, your memory serves you correctly, i have actually started this one:

here’s an awful (but color & progress accurate) picture of it. the yarn in question is patons classic wool in moss heather.

pros: this has been a wip for almost a year now (:/ is how i feel about that), so finishing it up would be nice. as it has already been started, it wouldn’t take terribly long!

possible cons: well, it’s not quite as exciting to pick up a wip as it is to start on a fresh project.

so those are your options! think long, think hard! or don’t, and just go with your gut! leave a comment if you think i’ve overlooked some absolutely positively crucial thing, or if you have a different suggestion altogether!

i usually leave polls open for one week, so… cast your vote by midnight (CST), friday, september 21!

EDIT: ooh, the broadcast sweater squeaked by with a win! the aidez was hot on it’s heels, though!

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