okay, so disaster might be a little bit stronger of a word than is necessary. knitting set-back, or a bump in the knitting road might be more accurate.

so i’ve been knitting along on my stockholm cowl (which is still lacking a project name), and i finished the knitting of it a couple evenings ago. and in my excitement, i actually decided to sew in all the ends and wet block it immediately, instead of waiting several weeks to a month like i normally do. i wet block things in the kitchen sink, where it’s easy enough to plug the drain and immerse the knit.

i should mention here that the yarn i used for the stockholm cowl is quite delicate (it’s mostly angora with some merino, so that’s not surprising). one good pull while i was knitting with it, and it’d break. and wool gets weaker when it’s wet… can you see where this is heading? i snagged the cowl on the little hands of the drain stopper and tore a hole in it while it was wet.


ugh. i was so mad at myself. i was just finishing up a couple weeks worth of work on this cowl, on the final leg of it’s journey to completion, when i set myself back by not being careful enough with it. so frustrating!

so after having a bit of a sulk, i grabbed the tiny amount of yarn leftover:

(i love it when i finish any project with this much yarn leftover. de-stashing goal!)

and my tapestry needle, and got to darning the best i can. i’d show you, or give you a tutorial, but mostly i just kinda wing it…

anyways, several minutes later:



can you see it?

i think i should perhaps go back in and tighten it up, but in the mean time, at least the hole isn’t growing! i call that a success!

i also just cast on for another scrap busting project. this is what the couch looks like when i’m working on a scrap busting knit:

(my allergies have also been pretty bad this week, hence the easy access of the kleenex box)

and here’s a better picture of the knit, after watching the first episode of season two sherlock (love that show!!!):

bits & bobs hat: naval edition

i think it’s gonna be good! i’ve had to tear back twice when color choices i made didn’t work out like i wanted, but that’s okay… it’s all part of the process, right?