i think 4 & 19 are my favorites. i feel like all of the elements, proportions and colors are just right.


i put the tall wedges in to try to get rid of my conviction that i couldn’t wear them all day. because they aren’t uncomfortable. i just can’t move very quickly in them.


i think i’m getting better/more confident about incorporating color(s) into my outfits. i tend to stick to mostly neutrals with one color pop, and while that is still my comfort zone, i played with multiple colors a handful of times.


i usually select a few things that i always mean to wear, but rarely do, to see if i would wear them more by forcing them into the rotation. sometimes it works, and sometimes it illustrates why i never wear them. so now i can let go of the h & m skirt, see, because it’s gotten fair shakes at being incorporated, and it just didn’t make the cut, no matter how many things it might go with. so i’m sending it off to my cousin, who expressed interest in it when i was complaining about it.


i didn’t wear my gingham dress. i tried it on once or twice for various outfits, but i came to realize that it is just plain too short, unless worn with leggings (like i did here). anyways, long story short, it went to goodwill after a closet purge in the middle of this remix. another item that never made it in was my forever21 tank, which had a similar problem. i need to take up the straps a little bit before i can wear it.


what are your favorites?