target second hand cardigan gifted polka dot blouse j. crew navy cords & boots diament designs gold dot necklace, gold belt bracelet lady faye designs ampersand charm. (lady faye and diament were at renegade! the watch is my trusty seiko & the initial ring was a christmas present from me mum several years ago)

i actually had a completely different idea for my ‘back to school’ outfit, but after wearing this to work, i looked down at my outfit and thought ‘i feel like a teacher in this!’. specifically, a subdued emma pillsbury. and that is not a bad thing! i might have to try to channel her consciously next time!

finally got some polka dots, bee tee dubs! when i was doing a recent wardrobe purge, i offered some of it to a friend who’s practically the same size, and she returned the favor. i yoinkered up a couple of pretty pretty shirts.

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