in a couple of weeks (!!!!) jake and i are going a-journeying! i am super excited, and i’ve been making lists. lists of things to do, lists of things to pack, lists of things to accomplish before going, lists of books to bring with, and…. (drumroll) …. lists of knitting to bring with!

i haven’t been doing as much ‘choose your own adventure’ knitting recently, which i’ve missed, so i thought maybe i’d bring it back while prepping for the trip! get some input from you, my beloved readers, about what i should bring along to knit. i’ve thought this through a bit already, and i want one larger project, for planes & trains, for evenings in. so this post is focused on the one large project to bring with me, and i’ll do a separate post for more portable, throw-it-in-my-purse-whilst-touristing-about project.

now that i’ve practically written an essay in introduction, let’s move on to the projects at hand, shall we?

option the first:

the aidez cardigan. i love almost every version i see of this, it looks extremely wearable.

the yarn in question:

two skeins of cascade yarns eco + in a dark purple that i’ve had for three years.

pros: bulky yarn, therefore a fairly quick knit. i might be able to finish this over the course of this trip.

not really a pro or a con, just something to think about: this is a cable-heavy knit. while i can and will do cabling without a third needle, it isn’t my preferred method.

option the second:

the miriam cardigan

the yarn in question:

900 yds of cormo sport, hand-dyed, purchased at a craft fair in door county.

pros: thinner yarn means that this would take up less space.

possible con: i have less yarn than the pattern calls for, which means i’ll have to modify it in some way. perhaps i will make the garter edges thinner, as i presume they are the main culprit of yarn-eating. halving the garter should leave me some yardage to maximize the length with stockinette. or i could do something along these lines, but i don’t have a suitable contrast yarn currently in stash.

option the third:

the broadcast sweater.

yeah, your memory serves you correctly, i have actually started this one:

here’s an awful (but color & progress accurate) picture of it. the yarn in question is patons classic wool in moss heather.

pros: this has been a wip for almost a year now (:/ is how i feel about that), so finishing it up would be nice. as it has already been started, it wouldn’t take terribly long!

possible cons: well, it’s not quite as exciting to pick up a wip as it is to start on a fresh project.

so those are your options! think long, think hard! or don’t, and just go with your gut! leave a comment if you think i’ve overlooked some absolutely positively crucial thing, or if you have a different suggestion altogether!

i usually leave polls open for one week, so… cast your vote by midnight (CST), friday, september 21!

EDIT: ooh, the broadcast sweater squeaked by with a win! the aidez was hot on it’s heels, though!