oh, friends! can you believe that this day has finally arrived? i hardly can! i finished knitting this hat two years ago. i drafted up the pattern, and wrestled with making a colorwork chart, got it almost completely figured out in adobe illustrator, then had to admit defeat and move to microsoft word, which kind of took the wind out of my sails. but i finally picked it up again, forced other people to look at it SO MANY TIMES, and made the appropriate fixes (thanks, ladies).

but now it’s here! in full pdf glory! available for download! click on the collage above or this here linky and hey, just for giggles, there’s another link at the end of this post! take your pick! it’s free!

(from when it was freshly finished, way way way back in the day)

this hat is knit from the brim up, with a rolled stockinette edge and a seasonally appropriate colorwork body! the pattern is fairly easy, but you should be comfortable with stranded colorwork. the floats are never longer than 7 stitches (and that’s just once!). i do recommend the cable cast-on, just because it’s my favorite. it’s strong and flexible and attractive, you don’t need a long tail, which i always seem to miscalculate for. knitty has a tutorial (scroll about halfway down to where it says ‘cable cast-on’!), if you like, though i have been pondering doing my very own tutorial, since i talk about the cable cast-on so very much…

i used a sport-weight yarn (though i’m willing to bet with a little extra work, heavy fingering or dk could easily be substituted, or even more extreme modifications could be made by adding or subtracting repeats), around 150 yards of the main color (cream), 75ish yards of the contrast color (green), US size 4 (3.5mm) circular needles for the brim, and US size 6 (4mm) circular needles for the colorwork/body.

those are the details, and here is the link: download now

now i think i might throw a party in celebration!