FO: Stockholm Cowl

i finished this cowl… a little while ago now. sometimes i am a bad blogger, what can i say?

but let me tell you a story! it starts with this yarn, four(ish) skeins of which were gifted to me several years ago:

this colorway? not so much for me. but, oh, if you could feel this yarn! (it’s 70% angora, 25% merino, and 5% nylon) you would understand why i couldn’t give it away. so it stayed, languishing in my stash, uninspiring to look at but so so divinely soft…

and then last autumn, i was overdying a pair of jeans (still need to do round two with those!) and i stuck this yarn in, because a dunk to darken it up & mute the colors a little definitely couldn’t hurt it in my estimation!


and then it only took me practically a year to start knitting up the intended project! for an eliza timeline, that actually isn’t too bad…

FO: Stockholm Cowl

stockholm cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: stockholm cowl by knitted bliss
yarn: louisa harding kimono, a little over 4 skeins, 500+ yards
needles: US Size 9

FO: Stockholm Cowl

i knit this up pretty verbatim to the pattern. i followed the notes to knit it up seamless and in the round. this pattern is fantastic! it is the perfect mix of easy to memorize and interesting to knit.

FO: Stockholm Cowl

and then, of course, there was the drama of tearing a hole in it while it was blocking. but it’s all fixed and done now! huzzah!