feathers & freckles adorable diy anthropologie hair ties

i love any and all DIY tutorials for anthropologie stuffs, because hey, we all know that store runs on the *pricey* side of things! and as a person who is lazy about my hairs, cute ways of putting it up sound fab to me! i need to order some elastic in lots of different colors!

ps- megan is also one of my favorite fashion bloggers. so there’s that too.

it may come as no surprise to you that one of my favorite home interior stores is actually intended for children (land of nod). i am totally in love with this grey jersey duvet cover (so perfectly basic and comfy and perfect!) and i also wish these wave sheets were made in a deep queen size. le sigh!

kate beaton has recently updated what is available in her store! ‘this is my jam’ tshirt is probably my favorite… i kinda say ‘this is my jam’ too much. i have, like, 20 jams, according to me. that’s cool though, right?

speaking of my jam, i have been love love loving the xx’s first album recently:

this is totally one of my jams. i know i’m kind of behind the times, as they actually just released their second album, but what can i say? it’s how i roll. i really love the intimate and intense feel of this entire album. check it out, y’all.

i’m pretty sure i don’t need to explain why i love this. right? right? unfortunately, i can’t figure out what the source is for this amazing little illustration. if you happen to know, please tell me, so i can give credit where credit is due?