ack! the holiday season is once again sneakily approaching, and as it does so, i am attempting some kind of organization.

recycled gift wrapping
(this picture is from last year… i just felt weird about a picture-less post.)

last year around this time, i published a series of posts of ideas for quick knits for last minute holiday knitting (slippers, toys, mitts/mittens, cowls, hats, and last minute knits). i really enjoyed doing that, and i really want to do that again this year. so i’m making up lists, checking them twice… and i thought i’d check with you guys! is there anything you would like to see a round up of quickish knits for this holiday season?

german paper stars

i’m still keeping the number at six, but here are some categories that have been rolling around in my mind:

– hats (i love them. and is there a more classic quick knit than a hat?)
– mitts/mittens
– toys
– cowls OR maybe scarves this year?
– accessories (knit jewelry, or small knits that don’t really fit into another category)
– last minute knits (for someone unexpected who is showing up)
– baby/kid knits
– shawls (probably only low yardage ones or larger gauged ones)
– maybe small bags/purses?

do you guys want to cast any votes for things that should definitely have quick knit roundups? or toss something onto my radar that i might be forgetting?

leave me a comment here! or if your thoughts are more of a five paragraph essay size, send me an email! (