cubicle refugee i stumbled upon this color-centric blog recently, and i totally love it.

this clip from parks & rec. there’s something extra hilarious about lesley doing an impression of tom, and jake and i have been quoting this a lot this week.

there’s no such thing as too much princess bride, am i right? if you clicky-click on the image, it’ll bring you to the tumblr where i found it. BUT! nathan pyle is the dude to whom the credit of creation goes. check out some of his other stuff, i flippin’ love it. i was giggling. real hard. in public. warning: his stuff might crop up again.

modcloth’s road trip retreat skirt is pretty much perfect, as far as i can tell. i’m kind of obsessed with this color, i love the high waist and the full skirt. perfect.

i love this! i’e only read a handful, and there are a handful i will never read (sorry, crank. i have zero interest in you.), but what a cool idea!

what are you enjoying, lusting after? have you read any of the YA books? is lesley knope’s tom interpretation almost better than tom to you?