thrifted scarf, kilt pin, banana republic tee j. crew cardigan, navy cords gifted motorcycle boots

i love these boots. they were given to me by my ex-roommate, from whom i frequently ‘borrowed’ them (i highly suggest living with someone who is the same size as you, doesn’t mind your frequent ‘borrowings’, and has better taste than you, if you happen to get the chance). so when she was done with them, she handed them off to me. and i have really loved wearing them.

how have i worn them? let me count the ways:

skirts + boots

i apparently LOVE them with my chambray shirt and a skirt: white, grey, cream

skinnies + boots

with skinnies, of course: cords, and jeans, oh and a skirt

dress + boots

and dresses, sweaters, and belts: grey t-shirt dress, striped dress, and colorful additions (rip, my beloved grey t-shirt dress).

ooh, look! it’s everybody, everywear!

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