-kate miss’s cast bronze necklaces:

(photos by kate miss herself!)

the winter collection was just released, and i’m reminded of my love of her jewelry. i LOVE the bronze crescent necklace, and i’m pretty obsessed with her stand-by, the bronze drops. obsessed.

sakura snow‘s kirigami snowflake cards/envelopes:

how pretty are these snowflake printed cards? i have yet to successfully send out holiday cards, but maybe this is the year? they are available in her etsy shop

-the color that john and sherry painted their bathroom:

grey-purple/purple-grey is a color that makes me a bit swoony. so moody, so dreamy! i kinda want to repaint the bedroom this color.

-the hush sound is getting back together!

(wine red, from their second album, like vines)

they are one of the top favorite bands at casa ifandany, and we were super bummed when they went on ‘hiatus’ four years ago, as that is usually the kiss of death for bands. mais non! they have resurrected! and are working on a new album! w000000000t!

cabin in the woods

have you seen it? i’m not a horror movie fan, but i LOVE this movie. then again, it was co-written by drew goddard & joss whedon, and directed by goddard. so… there you go.