-of monsters and men

my cousin introduced me to them back in summer time, and i have really been loving them recently. i have no idea what is happening in this music video, and i kind of love it.

sadly harmless
saw this artist and totally fell in love with them at renegade craft fair this year. it’s hard to tell from this image, but this is a shadow box, with lots of depth.

-the IT crowd
the it crowd
we’re a little late on this boat, i know. but we’ve been loving the IT crowd recently, and more specifically, moss. #moss4ever

ax + apple
awesome necklaces from ax + apple. they incorporate lots of vintage and found items in their jewelry, like coins and trading beads, and i love the mixed chains.

pitcairn islands
i was scooting around wikipedia when i found the statistic that pitcairn islands are the least populous jurisdiction in the world, with only 66 current inhabitants. not only that, but they are pretty much exclusively the descendents of the bounty mutineers and their tahitian companions! how cool is that?!