i kind of fell off of my own recounting-england-bandwagon, but i’m back! and here to share most of the rest of lyme regis:

there was never a lack of pretty things to look at.

i was quite enchanted by the rolling hills and seaside cliffs along the coast.

it got more and more windy as we walked further out the cobb.

little flowers growing out of the rock, far from a good source of soil or fresh water. nature’s resilience is always a source of wonder for me.

lyme regis looking quite quaint from the cobb


water and sky

granny's teeth
on granny’s teeth. i couldn’t bring myself to actually descend this particular staircase… did i mention it was really windy? and these aren’t terribly wide. plus, look at those GAPS! also, i’m not overly fond of heights. plus, i’ve read what happens to people who are careless on these steps! concussions! drama! i was, however, perfectly willing to pose on them as if i’m a fearless user of these steps.

granny's teeth
emi and jake did actually descend these steps. brave souls.

the cobb
and in the few moments we had any camera battery left for, jake grabbed a few shots of me on the staircase from which that fateful (concussive & dramatic) fall took place, in the film version of persuasion (sound must have been a nightmare up there…)..

it was a thoroughly successful trip and a really lovely day.