time for week three of quick knits! TOYS! i still haven’t knit any toys, because i’m a little scared that once i start, our home will just become a mountain of knitted toys. but i like looking at them, and collecting them in my favorites, and waiting for a really good reason/opportunity to make one. now, the actual knitting of these should be fairly quick, but because you might need to gather supplies (multiple colors of yarn, stuffing, little toy eyes, etc), and if finishing makes you stall like it does with me, i thought i’d give you a little extra time.

[saraek‘s rabbit #2. this pattern seems to need maybe 150 yards of the main color, and around 50 yards of the secondary color.]

vintage rabbit pattern (free)
this sweet rabbit is from a vintage pattern. if you’re feeling the vintage-y woodland feel of this one, check out saraek‘s project page, as she has several other projects that might inspire you, like this cute goose, or little sheep, just to name two!

there are so many options to pair with a rabbit: the velveteen rabbit, miraculous journey of edward tulane, watership down, or anything by beatrix potter

[acornbud‘s totoro. maybe around a 100 yards of each color?]

totoro (free!)
who doesn’t love totoro? maybe those who haven’t seen the movie… in which case, you simply must gift them the movie and a totoro of their own! a note: this pattern is not technically for a toy, so if you want to turn him into a toy, you’ll want to knit or crochet a circle bottom for this project.

pairings: okay, this one has slightly less flexibility, and is pretty much limited to the film my neighbor totoro. but that’s okay, because it’s a fabulous film!

[unraveling‘s big snowy owl. around 160 yards of super-bulky yarn for the base, and no more than 20 yards of any of the other three colors]

big snowy owl (free!)
how cute is this owl? perfect for a hipster friend who needs something to cuddle while watching tv. as an idea, don’t buy ultra bulky yarn for the three other colors, but instead go rummaging through your tidbits and partial skeins until you find a color combo you like. if the other yarns aren’t ultra-bulky, double or triple them up until they are! good way to scrap bust!
pairings: well, harry potter, right? i mean, obvo. a bonus would be if you made a smaller version of this (maybe out of aran-weight yarn instead), and found a birdcage to prop it in. someone’s own personal hedwig!

[dendacien‘s twilight. somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 yards for the base. less than 20 yards for any of the other colors.]

spark’s pony pattern ($5.00USD)
were you a fan of my little pony’s? wanna make your own? here’s your shot! honestly, i would be most likely to make a little white unicorn with some gold hooves and a horn, and then…

pair it with: the last unicorn!

my dear–a deer trophy (free!)

my heart leapt a little when i first saw this. got anyone on your list who moved house recently, or is redecorating?

i’m honestly not sure what to pair this with, but i loved it too much not to share!

need more inspiration? check out last years post on quick knit toys. i like this monkey jacobus pattern ($5.50USD), and these are kind of a pair: tuppy von monster and stubenmonster ($4.50USD and $7.99USD respectively), i love them both!

what about you guys? do you have any go-to toy patterns? share in the comments!