* this has been making the internet rounds, so if you’ve already seen/heard this, then… it’s probably time to watch/listen again.

SHA-MAZING. the little girl that is second from the left is my favorite.

* winterize that there monitor:

kris atomic posted some wintery computer backdrops! shove over, free cabin porn, it’s time for kris atomic to take over! (for a little bit. you know i’ll come back to you, free cabin porn…) but for real, light and moody and all those fun things!

* style crush: clarabelle

agh!!!! i love her cute preppy style. give it all to me!!!

* twelve letters that didn’t make the alphabet. history of the english language? don’t mind if i do! some of these i already knew, like the history of the ampersand (are you surprised?), or the long s (i remember reading an oooolld book and wondering what in the world a ‘bifhop’ was…), but yogh, eth, and ond were all new to me!

* why books we read at 12 might be the most important reading we ever do

i really enjoyed reading this article. when i was twelve? i started reading harry potter. where the red fern grows was probably the first book that broke my heart. tamora pierce, robin mckinley, karen cushman, little women, true confessions of charlotte doyle, dragon sword and wind child, ender’s game. these were some of my books. what are yours?