i’ve been thinking about this series for a little bit. influence never comes from a single source. i follow a lot of style blogs, and i cruise around pinterest looking for style tips, but i am also hugely influenced by the people around me. so i’m going to try to start documenting that. caitlin has been influencing my style for 16 years now (!!!!). she is a little girly, preppy, a little tomboy, and she’s got a little bit of edge. like a private school boy who likes pink and secretly listens to punk. not that all of that is going to be apparent in one outfit…

kiki's style

in this outfit, i loved the combination of the heather purple tee with the great green jacket and the flowery cowl. there’s a good texture play between the rougher jacket and the more softly feminine cowl.


she has also probably been the number one influence in my current obsession with my nails, and definitely the main supplier of a larger selection of polishes. hey, remember when i painted a spice rack for her nail polish? i always take note of her nails, and i always like them, but i super-dooper loved this particular look:

kiki's nails