Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

today is supposed to be the first snowstorm of the season. i’m dreaming of a white christmas. i used the excuse to pull out my new winter boots (<3<3<3), and i don't mind how long the drive home takes me, just bring me a white christmas, will ya?

original sources:
1. kjerstislykke, a beautiful finnish blog, via make-living. i am currently *obsessed* with the all white crocheted blanket peeking into the picture on the left hand side. like, i want to learn to crochet IMMEDIATELY. we’ll see if anything comes of it.
2. have i mentioned that i kinda hate tumblr? it makes it near impossible to find original sources for images :/ the furthest back i can trace this image is the (admittedly lovely) jaclynpaige tumblr. please let me know if you have more info. but here’s a lovely gif of snow for you.
3. yes please, i will take one of each! original source is lapin de lune.
4. from white forest pottery, in case you need some beautiful pottery in your life.
5. let me repeat #2, except i can’t even attribute this to a tumblr, as the link is broken :/
6. reflection (this is getting a little silly, internet)
7. poppytalk
8. ampato’s flickr
9. oh, kitteh! from lizi, via love meow