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a dud and (did i forget to finish my title? and never returned to fix it? yikers.) – london fog in the midwestern winter

going back through the years outfits, these are my favorites. quiet colors are always going to be my safe zone, but i’ve been branching out and allowing more color into my everyday wear, and i feel pretty good about that. i’ve actually gotten quite a bit more feminine this year. not necessarily in terms of frills and ruffles, but i’ve started painting my nails a lot more, and loving that as another way to explore color relationships. i use makeup with greater regularity (and i’ve been loving a bold lip!). i wear heels a little more frequently, partially because i’ve figured out what heels are comfortable for me (ie- below 3 inches. unless they are wedges. those feel more solid, for some reason?)

the nice thing about documenting my style is that i can go back through all of these pictures and i can really see what is working, and what isn’t. that’s kinda why i started doing this in the first place!