oh, guys, i don’t have nearly as many FO’s this year. that makes me a little sad. there are a few reasons for this. some of the projects i tackled this year were larger than my usual knitting MO (my mysterious oceanic soul, luca’s wool leaves, solange tank), and my attention was a little more divided than usual, and… honestly, my knitting mojo kinda took a hit this year.

london fognorth by norby

last years goals:
publish two more patterns in 2012
knit myself a sweater

2- grey
cloudy with a chance of celiamade upon request

i’ve had the goal to knit myself a sweater for… three years now? and you know what i accomplished this year? i finally finished a sweater for myself! a sweater i love, no less. huzzah!

3- grey
knithacked legwarmerskiki’s slipper socks

and i published a pattern! my goal was two, but considering how much work they take, i’m totally satisfied with that. and with it, i learned how to chart colorwork! so that’s pretty cool.

4- orange
the belafontetriangle loop: coral and cream

this years goals:
publish one pattern
knit one sweater (doesn’t have to be for me!)
finish 20 knits
knit for pleasure
knit selfish
go back to spinning. maybe 6 skeins?

5- grey & purple
zig und zagkiss with a fist

i need to be better about saying no to certain types of projects. i need to be aware of my limitations; in terms of time commitment, and if projects that are being requested of me don’t align with things that i enjoy making, i need to find a good way of communicating that. this is a rough one for me. i never like saying no to people, and i do really really enjoy knitting for others, but part of my knitting drought this year was brought on by saying yes to projects that i didn’t really like making. ultimately, it makes me feel guilty, as well as affecting my other knitting.

7- blue
kalin’s mittsbits & bobs: coollike edition

cook more. i’m slowly amassing actual cooking skills, and i want to keep that up!
lower consumption (bring bags more, buy products that waste less material, keep the environment in mind, etc etc etc)

6- purple
solange tankcolorblock cowl (i owe you a blogpost for this one! pending!)

and just always:
be kinder. always be kinder than is necessary.
think before acting/speaking.
don’t be afraid.

8- teal and yellow
my mysterious oceanic soulluca’s wool leaves

bring it on, 2013! let’s do this!