thrifted cardigan, silk blouse, j. crew skirt – topshop green tights – j. crew knee socks – l.l. bean boots – gifted robot necklace, agate ring

ahhh… outfit pictures in the winter during the work week means pictures in the kitchen! i hope y’all like my kitchen, because it’s about time for:

tall grass banner
(pssst- my brother in law took this picture. ain’t it pretty? he’s pretty talented. go check out his photostream!)

that’s right!


can you tell i had fun making these banners? i couldn’t pick just one.

rebecca and i are gonna kick it off on monday! i have the weekend to make selections (and try to figure out some way to take pictures of my selections in a more than adequate way. i will conquer this yet!) and prep! anyone want to join? we’re gonna try a cool new thing where you can link up! remixing fun!