thrifted gap shirt, wool pleated skirt* – handmade cowlblowfish shoes – double tights for warmth

this outfit was brought to you via me via this pin, via honey kennedy via jo gordon. yay internet!

*i’m not sure i can actually call this skirt thrifted? it came from a closet at my grandparents, which meant it belonged to someone else in the family before me (aunt? cousin? grandma?). there’s a treasure trove of vintage clothes just waiting at my grandparents. i hope someday to have an excuse to borrow her floor length magenta sheath dress from the ’60’s with a swooping back, because it’s stunning. hopefully i’ll fit into it when the time comes, too… both my grandma’s were slightly more petite than me in their 20’s and 30’s. there’s also a rainbow of kilts and plaid skirts in those closets, as that’s my scottish side. i like them, but i’ve never really managed to integrate that into my day to day style.

so, i’m getting my hair cut tonight. and as usual, i’m torn about what to do. i’m one of those people who acts brave about making big decisions, but as soon as that piercing gun is approaching my ear, or the roller coaster is climbing the first big hill, i’m thinking (and sometimes yelling) ‘WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!’ so part of me is thinking: my ends are fried, i should probably just chop off quite a bit, it’s been a while since you had short hair, it’s just hair, it grows back. this part of me is thinking maybe kind of an angled bob (probably without the bangs), or shaped like this kinda, but of course poufier and wavy/culier than either of those, more like this on a really good day (except without the gorgeous jessica alba face attached). the other part of me says: just take off a little, you love the length, what about braids, you’ve been into braids recently, you’ll cryyyyyy without it. guys, i’m a total weenie when it comes to hair cuts. it’s really ridiculous.

so. my questions to you are this: do you have any closets in a family members house full of generations worth of cloths? have you gotten anything amazing from it?

and: what should i do? should i go crazy and chop off a few inches? cowboy up, eliza, it’s just hair?