j crew turtleneck – thrifted belt – canvas cords – blowfish booties

i always intended to wear this purplicious outfit, because when i was picking my 15 items, i realized these two purples were in the same red-purple color family! yay! i was feeling pretty nifty about the blue belt all day long, thinking to myself pretentious things like ‘oh, this blue belt provides an awesome counterpoint to the warmer purples, and it isn’t my usual brown belt! huzzah!’, only to look at these pictures and realize that the brown belt would have looked better. pretentiousness lost. (just kidding. it doesn’t go away that easily. believe me, i’ve tried.) i guess the lesson here is: don’t mess with the brown belt. it just works. let it do it’s thing.

except you know i won’t stop trying. but i also won’t stop wearing the brown belt. double win? kinda?

more food!


this weekend i had my first go at making latkes, from the smitten kitchen cookbook (a christmas present! thanks, ladies!). i had all of the ingredients hanging about, and lots of leftover potatoes from the other night. they were a total success! except i opted for a smaller pan rather than a thicker pan, and i think that was the wrong way to opt. next time: cast iron skillet!