thrifted banana republic cardigan, gap tee – canvas navy chinos – galleria grey wingtips – j. crew necklace

i’m really excited to be done with this remix, guys. more than usual, the rest of my wardrobe is just calling out to me ‘wear me!’ all of my thick wool sweaters, every single pair of jeans, my bean boots (oh, yeah, it’s cold and icy and wintry outside again). basically every warm piece of clothing i own is tempting me. two more outfits to go! i can do it!

washi washi!

i’ve been loving washi tape recently (examples: 1… okay, i thought i had way more examples, but apparently i haven’t been pinning or making note of them.) but i finally bought some! whoo! i bought neon pink and neon green. i celebrated by hanging up this postcard with a punch of concentrated color! bam! take that!

daily kitty!