lately, i’ve been…

*pulling apart a thrifted sweater for yarn:


100% lambswool, quoth the tag. it’s a coat length sweater that would sag and swallow me whole with ridiculously ‘8o’s fake pearl buttons.

*and working on a totally selfish knit:


it’s the state street cowl, which i’ve wanted to make for a loooong time. i finished this up recently, and i’m just waiting for it to dry from blocking so i can take some FO pictures of it!

and there’s one more thing that’s been on needles and just got sent out! revelations to follow! at a later date!

*noshing on tea and toast:


i’ve been drinking mint tea, recently, which is quite uncharacteristic of me! ch-ch-changes! cinnamon toast is always the preferred variety, of course. though there are many acceptable substitutions.

*been consistently amused by baiza’s snoozing positions:

sleeping kitty

what have you been up to?