so the weirdest thing happened when i was rounding up my pictures of all of my outfits from this 15 for 15… i pulled an outfit pic from each outfit into a little file folder, and i had 16 pictures. no, wait, that can’t be right… i cross referenced, checked them against the blog, and lo! it turns out i did two outfit #9’s!

so, this was 16 outfits from 15 pieces remix.


one, two, three, four

i didn’t think i did particularly well in this remix. even though i was excited to take it on, my zeal was difficult to maintain in these dreary winter days. in retrospect, i did better than i felt like i was doing at the time. but i think i needed a few more light toned items, and maybe another colorful bottom? a lot of my outfits look too similar to me…


five, six, seven, eight

my favorites were five, both nines, twelve and fifteen.


nine the first, nine the second, ten, eleven

navy chinos are mvp at 7 repeats, tied with my new brown wedge desert booties from target. i think they really added something to every outfit. they are also the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever bought from target. i’m also really glad i used this remix to get around to skinny-ing up the purple cords. i feel much less frumpy in them.


twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

rebecca and ness both rocked this remix, too! go check out their remixing ingenuity!

what were your favorites? did i overlook a completely obvious outfit? there were several more skirt outfits i had in mind, but i kept opting for pants to keep me warmer…