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i have a mad ridiculous crush on the dior oui ring. it’s cute and romantic and the tiniest bit twee but also kind of sophisticated… and while i’m not a girl who really cares about brand names, i’ve perused the knockoffs, and none of them have the same satisfyingly sleek yet sweet undulating quality that so attracts me to this one. sigh! i feel utterly silly for my little material crush.

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this lipstick! is it the perfect valentine’s shade? MAYBE! delicious! (also, hey, you know, if you happen to have any vintage/vintage inspired amazing shirtdresses just hanging around? share the love, baby!)

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it is a fact often acknowledged that i am among the vanilla-est of people. and this does not bother me in the least. keep your fancy cookies and refined palettes! give me allllll of the sugar cookies with buttercream frosting that exist in the world!

and sometimes you don’t need romance, you need BRO-mance!

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wooster & jeeves, i could watch you all day long.

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sherlock & watson, same goes for you, buddies!

(oh and just since we are on the subject…)

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