there was a flea market this weekend! jill & i sacrificied a sleeping-in and went in the morning. i made a great haul.


my biggest purchase was the fan. i’ve been looking for an old school fan for at least a year now, and actually picked up a vintage looking fan from target last year, because the actual vintage fans i was finding in the vintage interior design stores in chicago had… unfriendly price tags. (but andersonville is a really fun place to window shop). this guy was a breezy $24. i was soooo excited.


this was one of the first things i saw. i have a weak spot for blue greens (have you noticed?), and this was at the bottom of a pile of wool blankets (another weak spot).


i’m beginning to have a bit of a collection….


which is kind of silly as i’m the only person who doesn’t mind that they are wool.

after admiring anna’s beautifully beaten up new wooden table earlier this week, i had wood and the kitchen on the mind. and let’s not forget my girl crush ariele and her gorgeously organic shaped cutting boards and cheese boards. so when i saw this guy:

(love the layered texture of warm old wood with the veined marble!)

and the other side:


i ask you: how could i resist?

and speaking of futile resistance:


um… old industrial ampersand? yes please and thank you, that is for me.

i didn’t buy everything i found, obviously. i had to leave this gorgeous 1940’s navajo woven rug, because they wanted $265 for it.

(oh, beautiful purple-y grey woven rug, you shall live in my dreams!)

and this cabinet had a good price tag, and excellent colors:


but had the lingering scent of a smokey home, and no place to go in the apartment. (plus if i’d bought the cabinet, it would have had to be my only purchase)

and i love this slogan:


For Making Good Things to Eat.

touche, wesson!

what do you look for a flea markets?