remember my broadcast sweater? i cast on for it in november of 2011, and made quite good progress on the torso, until i tried it on and it was too big.


since then, it’s languished. quietly. in a large pile with a bunch of other hibernating knits that bring on spasms of guilt when i look at/contemplate them. once or twice a year i’ll get the urge to finish one of them and then feel extra good about myself. i did actually bring it on my trip to england, at your suggestion, but i got less knitting done than i ever could have guessed on that trip, and it was all ‘mindless cowl knitting’, not ‘have to pay attention to row number and stitch count’ sweater knitting.

but i decided to work on it now, as i have a little time between projects. i have some yarn coming in the mail to start swatching for a semi-large-ish project (stockings, hopefully to be done in time for christmas 2013), and several hats that i will need to start on soon, but for the moment, i wanted to actually make progress on something i’d already started.


see that little dark stripe at the top above? i bought a fourth skein completely separate from the other three (and i just bought a fifth), and even though they looked similar in the skein, of course it was just a little different. which i knew would drive me bonkers in a finished knit. so i tore back to the end of the last skein, and i’m now alternating between the two skeins to minimize any color shifts.

i’m working my way up the second sleeve right now. i think i’m going to modify the neckline to a lowish scoopneck, as opposed to the tall boatneck called for in the original.

and that’s all the news that’s fit to print on this slow news day!

psst- julie over at knitted bliss featured me for her modification monday this week! scoot on over and take a peek!