yay! it’s time for the winter 2013 pinterest challenge! i love these things.

here are some thoughts:

Source: designsponge.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i have some shoe boxes doing storage type business in the bathroom closet. that’s all well and good, but gee, they’d look better covered in some maps… or any kind of patterned/more cohesive looking paper.

Source: melissaesplin.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i inherited a cute tie-front polka dot blouse (this one, actually), and i think i’d like it even more if i altered the neckline.

Source: google.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i think this is super duper cute! i tend to save jars… only, i don’t really have an end goal for this…

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i’ve been meaning to knit some inro socks for a while…. and they are fairly chunky gauge, so i might be able to accomplish that in a week?

Source: farm7.static.flickr.com via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i fell in love with the idea of a red garter/reverse stockinette hat with a giant pom pom when i saw this picture, though i have yet to pursue it.

will any of you participate? what are you thinking of doing? any other suggestions for me?