a lone rose petal

i saw this lonesome rose petal hanging out by itself, and i found it terribly evocative. bruised and marooned a week after valentines, on the cold cold street. oh, you lovely thing.

fancy nails

my nails are awfully fancy right now. the old gold is s-age is just a number from sephora. anyone have any light to shed on that name? the lines (inspired by this pin) are just black sharpie, with a top coat dashed on top.

i pinned this grey striped button down from free people, and then later that evening jake and i watched shawshank redemption (so good), and their prison shirts were remarkably similar, so i thought maybe i ought to wear my grey striped shirt.

stack o' bracelets

i like that it has contrasting fabric inside. i always find that a nice touch. i put a little extra effort in via a stack of bracelets that jingled and jangled all day long.

clean slate cowl

my clean slate cowl has been getting a lot of wear since i finished it. i got the pin at the flea market, and immediately used it to pin the cowl closed, which makes it much warmer. i don’t know what such a gigantic industrial pin was used for, but i love it on my chunky cowl.

brussels sprouts!

those brussels sprouts. because they are one of the best recipes the internet has brought me. fast, delicious, healthy, cheap. we eat them close to once a week. we’ve modified them to add a slice or two of bacon (trader joes has this great turkey bacon. so good that it’s become out default bacon. less guilt, yo.) chopped up with the sprouts. and this time i had some broccoli left over from something else, so i chucked them in, and hey, why not a little onion, and it was so good with a little sriracha on top!

talk at me guys. any nails catching your fancy? spent more time wondering about the names of nail polishes than they probably merit recently? or lipstick. those usually have fun names, too. what’s the best recipe you’ve found on the internet?