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thrifty thursday


thrifty thursday

thrifty thursday
(and then i realized i’d somehow gotten my necklace tucked into my pocket?)

thrifty thursday

hand-me-overs target cardigan & jeans – thrifted old navy button down – handmade necklace – forever21 yellow sneaks

i mentioned that i’ve been making jewelry? i’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop since i made it.

thrifty thursday


finally got the FO shoot in! whoo!

FO: Slow News Day Sweater
(i’m looking at some sea glass here, btw. or… lake glass?)

jill and i went down to the beach to take pictures. it was a fairly nice day, in the context of the week (it don’t feel like no stinkin’ spring day, however), but being down by the water always makes it a bit brisker, so i borrowed jill’s finding north hat for the duration.

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

FO: slow news day <–ravelry project page

pattern: broadcast sweater
yarn: paton’s classic wool worsted in moss mix, just over 4 skeins (in terms of yardage… in actuality, it’s from 5 different skeins), around 900 yards
needles: US size 8 (5.0mm)

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

i wasn’t too sure how i would feel about an entire sweater’s worth of seed stitch, as i can sometimes get a little impatient with it in smaller doses. i don’t know why, exactly, but it was totally fine. maybe there was just a zen attitude inherent when there is no other stitch that you’re working towards? and the texture is really sublime. i love the cable raglan lines, too.

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

my yarn came from three different dye lots. it made for some exciting color shifts. i did my best to minimize it by alternating between the skeins every row. if you look back at when i straight up changed skeins instead of alternating, you can see that the alternating actually did quite a bit to make the shift less apparent. at least, i think so.

i’ve been worried about this sweater being too big since that picture, and you know what? it kind of is… i don’t think i’m willing to go back and re-knit the entire sweater in a smaller size, so for now i’m just living with it. at some point in the future, i might throw it in the dryer for a few minutes and see if i can get it to shrink up. this was entirely my fault, though. i cast on for a larger size than i actually am (i can’t remember what my thinking was in making that decision) and i never did a swatch to check gauge, so of course, my gauge is larger. file that under ‘duh, eliza, duh. always swatch for sweaters.’ and wash the swatch. because i think the seed stitch loosened up a fair bit. for example, i was pretty sure i’d knit 3/4 length sleeves. post blocking? yeah, those sleeves are pretty much full length.

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

i’m still fairly unexperienced at sweaters. now i’ve made four full size sweaters: twenty four (which i NEVER wear, too big and too scratchy), big bear beast (which needs a little modifying), mysterious oceanic soul (which i LOVE), and now this guy. the more i knit them, the more i like them, though. i have a couple other sweater plans dancing around in my head, now. more on that later.

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

the original boatneck neckline for this sweater is a little high for me. i modified it to kind of a scoopneck, which i like a lot.

FO: Slow News Day Sweater

and, hey, just for kicks, here’s the clip of britta that informed my naming of this sweater:


a friend and i are trying to get our correspondence from days of yore back up and running, which gave me an opportunity to pull out my nice 16 sparrows stationary.

mini rononculus

i splurged on some flowers from the grocery store, but a few of the stems were bent, so now i have two vases full of flowers!

shetland sweaters

somebody got rid of a veritable treasure trove of heathered shetland sweaters recently. look at this amazing stash i found at the thrift store! i had to show SOME restraint, though, so i limited myself to buying two to pull apart for (beautiful, heathered, opalescent, gorgeous) yarn.

shetland sweaters

i started working on one of them last night and i sneezed about 15 times in a row before putting it aside for a bit. i’ve been having terrible problems staying focused on projects right now. i have about seven mini projects going, and i switch back and forth between projects depending on my whims. does that ever happen to you?

little glimpse of the lake

the lake was a vivid turquoise. it was gorgeous. i love taking routes that give me mini glimpses of the water on my travels.



handmade from recycled yarn cowl – hand me down old navy (i think?) sweater – thrifted belt – second hand jeans target wedges

whoa. didn’t realize this outfit was almost entirely second hand in one way or another until i was writing the description. this cowl is still getting a lot of wear.


rebecca tagged me in a five random things post! i’m kinda terrible about these type of things. as soon as someone tells me to say something random about myself, i blank out. what’s my name? whose life is this?

– i fainted at my mom’s wedding. i was 12. it made me fairly terrified of weddings. so i was actually pretty pleased when jake wanted his sister to stand up for him at our wedding. i made my little brother stand up for me. any which way i could fall, there was a dude to catch me. thankfully, i made it through my wedding without fainting.

– twizzlers are my favorite candy. sometimes i’ll bite off each end and use them as a straw. because i’m totally an adult.

– i don’t eat seafood. or anything that lived in water.

– i wasn’t terribly keen on my name when i was younger. i can’t really remember why i didn’t like the name eliza? maybe because it’s a little old fashioned and rare? i grew into it, and i love it now, but when i was 9, i really really wanted my name to be ‘cherry’. i thought that name sounded *very* glamorous.

– i didn’t see the ocean until the summer i was 15. but that summer i managed to make it to both the atlantic and pacific coasts.

sunset at moonrise
i’m really proud of this photo. i can almost never capture these kinds of skies.

ah! i gotta nominate my own set of five! here we go…

jill at juneberrystar
julie at knitted bliss
kessa at kessa is stitches
ness at bunnies and betas
robbie at knitxcore

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

(make believe for me, will you, that the book shown is north and south?)

i just finished north & south, and i loved it! when i finish reading something that had me so immersed, i tend to obsess over it for a while afterwards. it’s nice for me when it’s something that has been around for a while, or is popular, because i can usually find some places on the internet to feed my obsession… here’s what i’ve found so far:

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

clickety-click on through the pics to find the sources!

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

these images are a little thornton-heavy, i know (because, um, richard armitage ain’t too hard on the old eyeballs.), but i actually really liked margaret hale as a heroine. i love a sure minded, confident, outspoken heroine who may not always find herself in the best of circumstances, but always tries to make the best of her circumstances.

Source: Uploaded by user via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i might have to watch the mini series again…


i’ve been reading north and south by elizabeth gaskell. i watched the mini series a few weeks ago on the suggestion of a friend, and fell in love with it. it took me a bit of hunting to get a copy in my hands, but i’ve been tearing through it at a pretty good pace.


i’ve been working on a test knit of sierpinski’s hat.


and i started margaret dashwood’s shawl the other night while watching game of thrones (season two). i’ve been enamored of this pattern since it was first released, so i’m hoping the end result will live up to my expectations.

other than that, i’m recovering from being ill. today is the first day i have really started to feel better. the world always seems extra cheerful and wonderful the first day after being ill, don’t you think?

daily duds for a foggy day

daily duds for a foggy day

birthday necklace

untold imprint birthday necklace eddie bauer cardigan crewcuts chambray thrifted belt canvas purple cords target ballet flats

this is the first time i’ve ever managed to do that ‘half-tuck’ maneuver with any kind of success. i’ve tried it before, but i end up feeling sloppy instead of casual? here, let’s look at some good ones: 1, 2 (that plaid is fabulous, n’est-ce pas?), 3, and ugh, shall i just admit to myself that i’m pretty much a prep? no, not yet.

foggy day

so this weekend chewed me up and spit me out on the other side. but: huzzah for daylight savings! i’m going to consider it a belated birthday present from the whoooollllle world! (or just the united states? or north america? who’s in charge of this daylight savings stuff? ….. okay, according to wikipedia, it looks like it is most common in north america and europe, and george vernon hudson might be the one to thank.) i sure appreciate a little extra daylight in the evening, as i am not especially a morning person. and even on a foggy day like this one, the light stuck around a lot longer.

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