bright pink nails and a flannel i’ve appropriated from jake. it might be the perfect christmas-y plaid i’ve been looking for! i might try to size it down a bit.

english breakfast

we made a full english breakfast the other day. so good!

baiza in light


sweater nearing completion

i’ve finished the sweater. the ends are even sewn in. i just need to block it. i’m hoping posting this will shame me into blocking it. soon.

nails: nude + sparkle

it kind of hard to tell, but this is my favorite nude colored nail polish. with a sparkly ring finger. to keep things sparkly enough. because i’m a magpie? and i like sparkly things?


red lips at the laundromat.


if you happen to have like five loads of laundry to do at once and you find yourself pretty bored in an empty laundromat, taking some pictures to pass the time, may i recommend listening to french music? the amelie soundtrack does wonders to make me feel like everything around me is more interesting. couer de pirate works pretty well, too. i suspect that lisa mitchell’s coin laundry would have a similar effect, but i haven’t tested that theory.