while i don’t *hate* mending, i do find it really boring, so i feel inordinately proud of myself when i do get around to it. my beloved power house of a gingham shirt has had a small rip in the shoulder for over a month now, and i finally got around to sewing it up. so while i was there, i thought, hey, why not add a little something extra?

speaking of embroidery, have you guys seen meredith‘s most recent sweater makeover? because it is GORGEOUS.


the slow news day sweater is finally blocking, two weeks after i finished knitting it. i tried to shape it down as much as possible when it was wet. i hope it isn’t too massive on me, and that i like it. it would be such a bummer to pull it all out.

coral necklace

i made myself a necklace this weekend. i’ve dabbled in jewelry here and there, never with any kind of seriousness. this is definitely the most wearable piece i’ve made, and it’s got me kind of excited. i’ll take some pictures of what it looks like on later!

and: my package from kessa!

swap from kessa!

lots of fun goodies, including a rooibos strawberry blend tea, some sweet little cookie cutters, candies (one not pictured because it got all ate up before pictures happened!), some fingering weight yarn, a kusudama, some cute napkins (i love gingko leaves!), and most importantly: the shawl kessa made me! i owe you modeled pictures! sometimes it’s easier to be behind the camera than in front of it.


do you guys add anything to boring chores to make them more fun? have you made anything out of your usual skill set recently?