so i’ve known that my birthday was coming up for a while now (it’s today). it doesn’t really sneak up on me, my birthday. same day every year.

and i’ve known that i was turning 28 for most of that time. i say most because for some reason my brain had a hard time grasping 27 as an age. i have actually felt 28 for most of this year already. and then i’d do the math and be like ‘duh, dummy, the numbers don’t add up, you’re 27. chill out.’

but it only just struck me yesterday that in turning 28, it will have been a decade since i turned eighteen. again, simple math, but i hadn’t thought of it.

so, for your viewing pleasure, here i am somewhere around the age of 8:

i remember this shirt. it was not comfortable in the least. those flowers had rivets on the inside, and the fabric was quite scratchy. and it was too big on me. but i thought it was BEAUTIFUL. also i had no idea that the majority of my hair was tucked into my headband.

me around 18-ish:

high school

my hair was growing out from a shaved head, which was the result of accidentally dying my hair pink while going for run lola run red. my hair and i have always struggled.

and almost 28:

taking some pics with jill to document her most recent hat during a snow fall last week.

it’s shocking how fast time goes. sometimes thinking about the past feels like it was yesterday, and sometimes it seems so distant and foreign.

a few wishes for myself on my birthday:

may i always be thankful for my good fortunes (and they are many indeed).
may i always learn from the past.
may i never be ashamed of my age.