daily duds for a foggy day

daily duds for a foggy day

birthday necklace

untold imprint birthday necklace eddie bauer cardigan crewcuts chambray thrifted belt canvas purple cords target ballet flats

this is the first time i’ve ever managed to do that ‘half-tuck’ maneuver with any kind of success. i’ve tried it before, but i end up feeling sloppy instead of casual? here, let’s look at some good ones: 1, 2 (that plaid is fabulous, n’est-ce pas?), 3, and ugh, shall i just admit to myself that i’m pretty much a prep? no, not yet.

foggy day

so this weekend chewed me up and spit me out on the other side. but: huzzah for daylight savings! i’m going to consider it a belated birthday present from the whoooollllle world! (or just the united states? or north america? who’s in charge of this daylight savings stuff? ….. okay, according to wikipedia, it looks like it is most common in north america and europe, and george vernon hudson might be the one to thank.) i sure appreciate a little extra daylight in the evening, as i am not especially a morning person. and even on a foggy day like this one, the light stuck around a lot longer.