handmade from recycled yarn cowl – hand me down old navy (i think?) sweater – thrifted belt – second hand jeans target wedges

whoa. didn’t realize this outfit was almost entirely second hand in one way or another until i was writing the description. this cowl is still getting a lot of wear.


rebecca tagged me in a five random things post! i’m kinda terrible about these type of things. as soon as someone tells me to say something random about myself, i blank out. what’s my name? whose life is this?

– i fainted at my mom’s wedding. i was 12. it made me fairly terrified of weddings. so i was actually pretty pleased when jake wanted his sister to stand up for him at our wedding. i made my little brother stand up for me. any which way i could fall, there was a dude to catch me. thankfully, i made it through my wedding without fainting.

– twizzlers are my favorite candy. sometimes i’ll bite off each end and use them as a straw. because i’m totally an adult.

– i don’t eat seafood. or anything that lived in water.

– i wasn’t terribly keen on my name when i was younger. i can’t really remember why i didn’t like the name eliza? maybe because it’s a little old fashioned and rare? i grew into it, and i love it now, but when i was 9, i really really wanted my name to be ‘cherry’. i thought that name sounded *very* glamorous.

– i didn’t see the ocean until the summer i was 15. but that summer i managed to make it to both the atlantic and pacific coasts.

sunset at moonrise
i’m really proud of this photo. i can almost never capture these kinds of skies.

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