a friend and i are trying to get our correspondence from days of yore back up and running, which gave me an opportunity to pull out my nice 16 sparrows stationary.

mini rononculus

i splurged on some flowers from the grocery store, but a few of the stems were bent, so now i have two vases full of flowers!

shetland sweaters

somebody got rid of a veritable treasure trove of heathered shetland sweaters recently. look at this amazing stash i found at the thrift store! i had to show SOME restraint, though, so i limited myself to buying two to pull apart for (beautiful, heathered, opalescent, gorgeous) yarn.

shetland sweaters

i started working on one of them last night and i sneezed about 15 times in a row before putting it aside for a bit. i’ve been having terrible problems staying focused on projects right now. i have about seven mini projects going, and i switch back and forth between projects depending on my whims. does that ever happen to you?

little glimpse of the lake

the lake was a vivid turquoise. it was gorgeous. i love taking routes that give me mini glimpses of the water on my travels.