jake and i got out of dodge last weekend and escaped to sunny los angeles for a few days! it was fabulous in many many ways! which i intend to share with you. after i sort through the hundreds of pictures…

i tried taking pictures of my nails the other day:


but baiza thought that it was time for some petting. hey, should i be mentioning what polish i’m using? i don’t really mind either way… and i guess if you’re curious, you’ll ask? but as i’m getting more into nail polish, it seems like online ladies always make note of what specific polish they used… so this is the sephora with pantone color of the year (emerald for 2013) with essie’s beyond cozy on my ring fingers. or should i call them ‘bling fingers’?! no, no. probably not, as that made me feel ridiculous.

this was the first try, which did not successfully document the nails, but i think it’s a cool picture none the less:

(note to self: next time you bring the prop of a writing utensil in to take pictures of your nail polish, maybe bring some paper in, too? you look like you’re writing on the counter.)

and here’s another necklace i made!


for those of you who worry about these things, the coral is second hand. i have no plans to support the industry of coral-harvesting. but…. i do have a soft spot for coral, so if i see it in a second hand shop, i’ll pick it up. i had a full strand of the pale pink coral, and this more traditionally red-orange coral, so there’s resources for plenty more necklaces.


this one slipped through the cracks, i meant to put it up on the blog last month (oops!):

coral & gold

my lovely mama-in-law treated me to a birthday manicure and pedicure! i took extra good care of it, and it lasted twice as long as it ever does when i do my nails! weren’t they cute? my toes are still pinky-orange (sans gold).

shoot, i went ahead and promised you a whale, didn’t i? hmmm, well, k makes the most beautiful hand-stitched whales, here’s an excellent photo to remind you of the majestic scope of the mammal, or there’s this sweet wall hanging of illustrated whale species.