i was hoping to get to the ocean while we were in california, but we didn’t have any particular oceanside destination in mind. as we drove up the pacific coast highway, we were looking for a place to eat. we passed a good looking place, and decided to try to turn around and go back to it. the place we found to turn around ended up being a parking lot for el pescador state beach, and we decided our stomachs could wait. i’m really glad we did.


i love it when plants thrive in places they probably shouldn’t. it makes me want to wag my finger around and shout cliches ‘LIFE WILL FIND A WAY!’ or ‘NATURE! TRIUMPHING! OVER ADVERSITY!’ because, you know, i am a huge nerd.

the curl of a wave

cliffs and sand and sea oh my!

who wouldn’t want such a charming little doorway?

rocks, pitted by time. again, i just love that as strong as rock is, water and time together are stronger. NATURE!

there’s loads of pictures, click through to see the rest!

DSC_0496at one point in the walk, i spotted some dolphins in the waves, which was pretty magical. they were too far away to try to get a picture of, but that’s okay. some thing are just for experiencing, not documenting, right?

DSC_0488it started out foggy, but as we tromped along, the sun started to burn through the mist, and by the time we started making our way back, it was shining brightly.

the view south


various ocean things that totally look like proof of alien life to me.

nerds will be nerds.

i can’t tell you how light and serene i felt this morning. no immediate worries, nothing weighing me down. just the moment, jake, and my beautiful surroundings. when was the last time you got a good tromp on the beach?