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watching: lizzie bennet diaries

um… have i mentioned that i love the lizzie bennet diaries here? oh, yeah, once, but you guys, it’s sooooo gooooooood. have you watched it yet? have you finished it? do you want to gossip about it? OMG. okay, i’ll stop fangirling. except for this: OMG. i am so impressed with the way they have chosen to update it!

(side note: these peeps are a-list actors in my subconcious. i saw fitz in a commercial, and i was like ‘wait, why is he in a commercial?!’ and then i was like ‘oh, yeah, webseries aren’t exactly the same as a primetime show. commercials are a great paycheck, most likely.’)

listening to: lucy rose

i first heard her when we were browsing at rise in bristol. i got home and started the search for lucy rose, only to find that she hasn’t crossed the pond yet (er… her music. i can’t speak for her personally). so, rather than pay amazon to import it for me, i asked* emi & james to bring it to me when they came. now i have! yay! happy ending.

*read: begged and pestered

blog love: period films &c

a tumblr dedicated to period films. LOVE. i’m a big ole complete sucker for period films, and all the visuals involved, so this is really just a win win win as far as i’m concerned. i love her manipulations and edits and compilations, and as an extra bonus, she’s doing a fantastic project where she is slowly but surely doing an astonishingly lovely version of the little mermaid. the above image is a selection of screenshots from my *favorite* film version of jane eyre, bee tee dubs.

this picture:

this is my new favorite picture of jake & i. a few weeks ago, we modeled hoodies for a friend who’s releasing her own sewing patterns. are any of you guys sewers? you should check it out (and her blog)! the hoodie is great! i’ve been wearing it in the cooler evenings ever since!

speaking of pictures:

i read this article about vivian maier this week, and i’m totally in love with her work now.





thrifted cowl, j crew cardigan – target black tee – canvas orange cords – ebay vintage cole haans

i went to my favorite rummage sale early this month with a limited budget and a fairly small list. i’m trying to be selective about what i bring home. so i was in the room dedicated to purses, scarves and women’s hats, and i was looking for a cross body purse (i found one. the one that you’ve been seeing practically every recent outfit post except for this one), but i am really not in need of any scarves (my collection is ample). but i decided to take a peek through one of the dozen or so boxes just to see what there was. after lightly peeking through 1 box, i had three scarves that i knew i wouldn’t leave without. i called it at that point in time. i didn’t allow my eyes to so much as settle on any other boxes full of scarves. and then i found a hat on the way out of that room. that’s a dangerous section for me, apparently!

this scarf was from that box. i couldn’t tell it was a cowl until i got home. it was just a huge soft heathered grey jersey and i knew i wanted that.

i should really wear more scarves…

in other food news:

breakfast scramble

i’ve been trying to become better acquainted with my cast iron skillet. everyone has different methods of dealing with cast iron skillets, and i’ve been reading them as i encounter them, so i became kind of intimidated by its ‘needs’. i’ve decided that’s silly, just bite the bullet (what a weird phrase!), get to know my particular skillet. jake and i have been working our way through a particularly cheap 5 lb bag of potatoes, and i’ve been perfecting the breakfast scramble. so this is potatoes, scrambled eggs, onion, red pepper, and soyrizo topped with cheddar. plus toast, of course. delicious!

two questions: do you guys have any tips or thoughts about cast iron skillets? and second-of-ly would you be interested in a blogpost of tips for rummage sale-ing?

my last post about our LA trip (probably).

in case you want a little LA themed music in the background while you read this!

mel's drive ini recently decided that there just aren’t enough pictures of jake & i together since one of us is typically behind the camera, so i’ve been subjecting jake to some couple-selfies recently. he’s putting up with it nicely. ^_^


malibu, paradise cove, where we ate.

lunch on the beachand the decadent pineapple juice with a fancy garnish of pineapple wedge! this drink made us feel like tourists, but in the best possible way.

randy's donuts
randy’s donuts! as seen in: iron man 2:

so when i saw it, i knew we had to go. plus i love donuts.

randy's donuts
rainbow sprinkles always and forever!

joe and tessa!

we finally got to meet joe & tessa! we’ve been internet friends with them for several years now. they’ve both made cameos in our webseries (tessa‘s & joe‘s), and now we’ve seen them in real life! they aren’t figments of our imagination!

me and tesssssa!

the lot of us

sprinkles cupcakes, a belated birthday wish. have you had a sprinkles cupcake? they are amazing. check the website for locations (or i guess you can order them? i’ve never tried that…). as a bonus, it was right around the corner from rodeo drive, so we parked in the fanciest parking garage ever (i mean it! cobbled brick paving, valet service, topiary and statuary nestled into pretty corners. ridiculous.), and got to walk up the shopping street from pretty woman.

amoeba music
amoeba music, which we visited at least once every time i would come to california. i still love it.

obligatory hollywood sign photo
obligatory picture of the hollywood sign.

circus liquor
“somewhere in the valley” from clueless.

we had such a great weekend! we went out there without any real idea of what to expect, and we ended up having a blast. we’re going out again in august, and i’m trying to keep the to-do list a manageable size. it’s difficult!




thrifted j. crew cardigan, ralph lauren belt, liz claiborne purse, cole haan loafers
hand-me-over blouse – j. crew navy cords

it’s like i had a wind machine to make this photo shoot look more ‘profesh’. i don’t have much to say about this outfit, but i did get two compliments on my blouse. once from my grandpa, and then a few minutes later my grandma came into the room and separately complimented it!

do you guys own food processors? i don’t, and i never really thought much of getting one, but recently it seems like every other recipe i read calls for a food processor. (this recipe really makes me want to run out and buy one STAT) i have a blender, but it’s so annoying to wash that most of the time i’ll spend the extra time to just chop everything up. plus, it doesn’t work quite the same was as a food processor, so i’ve never been clear as to whether you can pretty much use them interchangeably?

my point is, i found this tip once while i was stumbling around the internet, and i have no idea where, otherwise i’d link it, but anyways! i read that a regular mason jar will screw onto the blade part of a blender no problem.


so we’re going to do a cook-out with friends tonight for memorial day (it’s totally a grilling holiday, right?), and they said ‘hey, bring some pasta salad!’ and we said ‘sure!’. but here’s the thing…. i’ve never really liked those things that are called ‘salads’ where mayonnaise is the main ingredient, as i don’t like mayonnaise. so i went questing around the internet to find a pasta salad that eliza would like. and no surprise, pioneer woman to the rescue!


perfect chance to try out the blender with a mason jar maneuver, too!


and it makes the chamber where the food is much smaller, which turns it more similar to a food processor. i feel like the blades have access to everything in there. plus, washing a mason jar is wayyyy less irritating than the gigantic glass blender thinger. you still have to wash the blade part, but meh. whatevs.


and the finished product, complete with the basil plant that i bought because it was basically the same price as the package of fresh basil:


even if i can’t keep the plant alive for very long, i should be able to have fresh basil longer than if i’d bought the package of basil. i left out the olives, and i didn’t put nearly as many fresh tomatoes in, but i did chop up a roasted red pepper for it. next time i think i’ll put some spinach in, too. but now at least i have made a pasta salad!

do you have a food processor? do you love it? should i just stick to my blender? any pasta salad recipes that i might like?






gifted hat – crewcuts chambray shirt
thrifted belt, j. crew dress, liz claiborne purse – ebayed vintage cole haans

you know how sometimes in the middle of documenting your outfit for your blog, somehow an edge of your shirt comes untucked and you don’t notice it til afterwards so you just ask your readers to ignore it? yeah, that’s what is going on right now…

just after we took these pictures, jake and i split a massssive plate of nachos for dinner. and it was great.

it’s been so gorgeous lately. i’ve been just loving it. driving home with the windows down, taking gigantic gulping breaths of the sweet sweet air, glorying in all of the blooming things. every window open, fans on, trying to coax all the perfect outside air and smells into the apartment. i could get drunk off of this season. i wish i could roll around in this season like a dog in a patch of clover. i wish it was a pool i could swim in.

and now that i have met today’s quota for talking about the weather and being creepy, i bid you: adieu!



FO: tinkerbell mitts

tinkerbell mitts <– ravelry project page

pattern: princess mitts from knitter’s book of yarn
yarn: rowan calmer
needles: US size 7 (4.5mm)

FO: tinkerbell mitts

this is my third time knitting up princess mitts (sir janks’ mitts and moss mitts)

these took me a long time to knit because… well… cotton. i just don’t like knitting with it. calmer is by far the best cotton yarn i’ve knit with, but…. it’s discontinued. it’s 25% acrylic, which gives it a lot more elasticity, so it doesn’t hurt my knuckles as much to knit with it.

FO: tinkerbell mitts

you can find calmer online still, which is what i did. these mitts are for my lovely mother-in-law, who is extraordinarily sensitive to wool. i’ve knit for her before with bamboo (wow! so long ago, i did not know how to take pictures of knits AT ALL), but i knew that wouldn’t suit mitts at all (too little elasticity, too much desire to drape). i was searching for blue, and i found this colorway called tinkerbell, and i just knew it was the right choice for my disney-loving mama-in-law!

FO: tinkerbell mitts

what are your favorite non-wool/cashmere/alpaca yarns? are there any hidden gems out there that i don’t know about? or do your knuckles start aching just thinking about working with plant-based fibers, too?




thrifted hat, blazer – crewcuts chambray – forever 21 belt, shoes – j. crew navy cords

it’s been a while since we did a ‘steal this style‘ feature. i actually took some pictures for one a laughably long time ago. i think i’ll do a ‘spring cleaning week’ after the remix, where i post on some older stuff that just got buried. but here’s a contemporary one. this is chyna! she always looks supremely comfortable and pulled together, which is a look i love.

steal chyna's style, yo

steal chyna's style, yo

steal chyna's style, yo

buffalo exchange sundance sweater jacket, lucky jeans, steve madden purse

forever21 chambray – steven’s rocks & gifts necklace – target brown wingtips

she also has been working on getting a seriously gorgeous tattoo. i’ll try to grab some pics of her when she’s wearing short sleeves!

anybody have a mad crush on this amazing long sweater? i feel like julie’s velvet morning pattern or kirsten kapur’s andokides jackets could be modified into a similar garment…

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