rummage sale hat, liz claiborne purse – target sunnies, white tee
thrifted j. crew cardigan – hand me over ny & co skirt – ebay vintage cole haans

LOOOOOK, i finally got my LOAFERS! aren’t they great? i started my quest over a year ago, and have been looking fairly consistently. when sidewalk ready posted an outfit recently wearing really excellent loafers, i decided that since a year of scanning the shelves of thrift stores hadn’t turned up my ideal pair, it was time to look more aggressively. to ebay! it wasn’t on purpose, but i think i actually got the same exact style of shoes as her. they showed up in my size and the price was right, so…. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, i reckon!

i haven’t made my final selection for the remix, but these shoes are definitely in, and it’s likely that a few of these other pieces might be, too. i’ve been wearing this cardigan like crazy in our cool spring days! i hope you won’t get sick of seeing these pieces over and over again!

in other bloggy news, i have a new FO and some WIPs to share with you. knitting update soooooon! plus, i’d better get up my last post about LA as jake and i did some weekend traveling, and i’d feel silly telling you about that before i’d finished about the last trip!

have you found anything you’ve been long term questing for recently? will you be joining me for the remix?