for outside where it’s gorgeous


for inside where it’s not




target sunnies – thrifted j. crew cardigan, belt
hand-me-over polka dot blouse – j. crew navy cords – ebay cole haan loafers

are you ready to reeeeeeeeeeeemix? (it helps if you pretend that’s said in a ridiculous announcer voice like it’s the beginning of some kind of match)

i like to use remixes to test run an item i’ve had trouble integrating into my wardrobe. like this skirt, which i owned for five years and rarely/never wore (and only managed to wear once in that remix). post-remix, i handed it over to my cousin, who hopefully gets more use out of it. in this case, it’s this polka dot shirt. in theory, i love it: polka dot blouse with a tie-front. cute, work-appropriate, but a little unexpected and a little vintage-y. i altered the neckline a little to make that more my style, too. but the buttons are a little far apart, so it gaps even though it’s a little roomy on me, and the fabric is very very manmade. nylon? polyester? who knows? so this remix is it’s chance: prove it or lose it!

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after jake gets all of the necessary pictures for me, he likes to grab random snapshots from odd angles, and i usually take that as an invitation to be silly. (classic example) when i look at this picture, i suddenly get ‘all i do is win‘ stuck in my head. so there’s that.