thrifted j. crew cardigan, ralph lauren belt, liz claiborne purse, cole haan loafers
hand-me-over blouse – j. crew navy cords

it’s like i had a wind machine to make this photo shoot look more ‘profesh’. i don’t have much to say about this outfit, but i did get two compliments on my blouse. once from my grandpa, and then a few minutes later my grandma came into the room and separately complimented it!

do you guys own food processors? i don’t, and i never really thought much of getting one, but recently it seems like every other recipe i read calls for a food processor. (this recipe really makes me want to run out and buy one STAT) i have a blender, but it’s so annoying to wash that most of the time i’ll spend the extra time to just chop everything up. plus, it doesn’t work quite the same was as a food processor, so i’ve never been clear as to whether you can pretty much use them interchangeably?

my point is, i found this tip once while i was stumbling around the internet, and i have no idea where, otherwise i’d link it, but anyways! i read that a regular mason jar will screw onto the blade part of a blender no problem.


so we’re going to do a cook-out with friends tonight for memorial day (it’s totally a grilling holiday, right?), and they said ‘hey, bring some pasta salad!’ and we said ‘sure!’. but here’s the thing…. i’ve never really liked those things that are called ‘salads’ where mayonnaise is the main ingredient, as i don’t like mayonnaise. so i went questing around the internet to find a pasta salad that eliza would like. and no surprise, pioneer woman to the rescue!


perfect chance to try out the blender with a mason jar maneuver, too!


and it makes the chamber where the food is much smaller, which turns it more similar to a food processor. i feel like the blades have access to everything in there. plus, washing a mason jar is wayyyy less irritating than the gigantic glass blender thinger. you still have to wash the blade part, but meh. whatevs.


and the finished product, complete with the basil plant that i bought because it was basically the same price as the package of fresh basil:


even if i can’t keep the plant alive for very long, i should be able to have fresh basil longer than if i’d bought the package of basil. i left out the olives, and i didn’t put nearly as many fresh tomatoes in, but i did chop up a roasted red pepper for it. next time i think i’ll put some spinach in, too. but now at least i have made a pasta salad!

do you have a food processor? do you love it? should i just stick to my blender? any pasta salad recipes that i might like?