my last post about our LA trip (probably).

in case you want a little LA themed music in the background while you read this!

mel's drive ini recently decided that there just aren’t enough pictures of jake & i together since one of us is typically behind the camera, so i’ve been subjecting jake to some couple-selfies recently. he’s putting up with it nicely. ^_^


malibu, paradise cove, where we ate.

lunch on the beachand the decadent pineapple juice with a fancy garnish of pineapple wedge! this drink made us feel like tourists, but in the best possible way.

randy's donuts
randy’s donuts! as seen in: iron man 2:

so when i saw it, i knew we had to go. plus i love donuts.

randy's donuts
rainbow sprinkles always and forever!

joe and tessa!

we finally got to meet joe & tessa! we’ve been internet friends with them for several years now. they’ve both made cameos in our webseries (tessa‘s & joe‘s), and now we’ve seen them in real life! they aren’t figments of our imagination!

me and tesssssa!

the lot of us

sprinkles cupcakes, a belated birthday wish. have you had a sprinkles cupcake? they are amazing. check the website for locations (or i guess you can order them? i’ve never tried that…). as a bonus, it was right around the corner from rodeo drive, so we parked in the fanciest parking garage ever (i mean it! cobbled brick paving, valet service, topiary and statuary nestled into pretty corners. ridiculous.), and got to walk up the shopping street from pretty woman.

amoeba music
amoeba music, which we visited at least once every time i would come to california. i still love it.

obligatory hollywood sign photo
obligatory picture of the hollywood sign.

circus liquor
“somewhere in the valley” from clueless.

we had such a great weekend! we went out there without any real idea of what to expect, and we ended up having a blast. we’re going out again in august, and i’m trying to keep the to-do list a manageable size. it’s difficult!