thrifted cowl, j crew cardigan – target black tee – canvas orange cords – ebay vintage cole haans

i went to my favorite rummage sale early this month with a limited budget and a fairly small list. i’m trying to be selective about what i bring home. so i was in the room dedicated to purses, scarves and women’s hats, and i was looking for a cross body purse (i found one. the one that you’ve been seeing practically every recent outfit post except for this one), but i am really not in need of any scarves (my collection is ample). but i decided to take a peek through one of the dozen or so boxes just to see what there was. after lightly peeking through 1 box, i had three scarves that i knew i wouldn’t leave without. i called it at that point in time. i didn’t allow my eyes to so much as settle on any other boxes full of scarves. and then i found a hat on the way out of that room. that’s a dangerous section for me, apparently!

this scarf was from that box. i couldn’t tell it was a cowl until i got home. it was just a huge soft heathered grey jersey and i knew i wanted that.

i should really wear more scarves…

in other food news:

breakfast scramble

i’ve been trying to become better acquainted with my cast iron skillet. everyone has different methods of dealing with cast iron skillets, and i’ve been reading them as i encounter them, so i became kind of intimidated by its ‘needs’. i’ve decided that’s silly, just bite the bullet (what a weird phrase!), get to know my particular skillet. jake and i have been working our way through a particularly cheap 5 lb bag of potatoes, and i’ve been perfecting the breakfast scramble. so this is potatoes, scrambled eggs, onion, red pepper, and soyrizo topped with cheddar. plus toast, of course. delicious!

two questions: do you guys have any tips or thoughts about cast iron skillets? and second-of-ly would you be interested in a blogpost of tips for rummage sale-ing?